Line Sets

chemical name: Polyester
properties: Fairly abrasion resistant and moderately abrasive,
stretches some under load but usually returns to its original dimension if not overloaded.

chemical name: Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene [UHMWP], also known as Microline
properties: Low volume, very little to no elongation, very abrasion resistant and not abrasive, shrinks under heat
not an optimal choice for main parachutes as it changes dimensions during use.

chemical name: High Modulus Aramid [HMA]
properties: Low volume, very little elongation, moderately abrasion resistant and mildly abrasive
hard to see wear on this material. Technora tends to slow the openings down a bit.

chemical name: Liquid Crystal Polymer
properties: Low volume, very little elongation, very abrasion resistant and very abrasive.
Extremely tough material, but it also puts stress on slider components, and is more likely to cause line burns on canopy fabric.
Stainless steel slider grommets are mandatory with this material.

For Precision customers:
We offer 600 lbs outside lines for the 400 lbs Precision line sets (only available as a full kit), to slow down the wear of the bottom loop at the riser. We also offer cascaded line set construction instead of the conitnuous the factory uses. That allows for the use of heavier line materials to prevent or delay loop failure at the riser. Please use the comment field for these requests.

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Showing all 12 results