Skydiving Rigging Services

Thrill Inc. Parachute Rigging Services offers a full range of rigging services by an FAA Master Rigger run loft in Pilot Point, TX. From new gear assembly to canopy repairs and harness adjustments – we have your rigging needs covered. Below are our standard prices. If something isn’t on the list doesn’t mean we don’t do it. Please contact us for custom rigging requests.

Service Rate
Inspect & pack reserve $90.00
Assemble, inspect & pack reserve $110.00
Assemble, inspect & pack reserve and a,i,p main $150.00
Inspect & pack pilot's emergency rig $100.00
AAD swap [open & reclose, only if rigger is available] $40.00
Assemble, inspect & pack main $ 50.00
Assemble main/reserve $ 25.00
Inspect main/reserve $ 25.00
Pack main $ 10.00
Remove packing tabs $ 12.00
Install slider stops [blocks on front risers] $ 10.00
Install slider bumpers [main/reserve] $ 20.00
Install line kit [does not include line kit] $ 105.00
Replace suspension line $ 30.00
Replace steering lines toggles to cascades $ 50.00
Replace lower steering lines $ 25.00
Sewing [Velcro replacement, repairs, etc.] $ 75.00/hr

Thrill Inc. Rigging honors customers that are loyal to this loft and grants them a $15.00 discount on their reserve pack job if the preceding pack job was performed in this loft. Our high standards and quality of work makes it easier for the rigger on the next pack job. The FAA states that “too-frequent packing shortens the life of the materials. Those experts found the parachutes’ porosity was affected by handling and manipulation of the parachute while being packed. Clean pack jobs are a lot easier on the fabric of your reserve and a properly closed container is safer and holds up much better against wear and tear. With the increased time between repacks, it now becomes much more important to have the best pack job possible in your rig to withstand the added stress of the environment.

Here you can download your rigging request form to include with your gear when you ship it in, or drop it off for service.

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