Pilot Chute – CUSTOM


Chupacabra pilot chute – fully customizable – go nuts!

Production time is usually around 2 weeks, depending on availability of colors.

split color pilot chute material

split color freefly pud handle

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Years in the making, and now they’re here!  Chupacabra pilot chutes manufactured in the USA.

As a rigging loft, we have the pleasure of working on a wide variety of gear.  This puts us in a unique position to see opportunities for improvement in current marketplace offerings.  And thus, we’ve collected our notes over the years, addressed the recurrent issues, and introduced a few unique ideas that we think make our pilot chutes the best on the market.  Key design features of the Chupacabra PC:

• Dual kill line indicator window – top or bottom route to your heart’s content
• User installable kill line – no sewing machine required!
• 24, 28, and 32″ sizes
• Freefly pud handle with tuck tab for safety, or carbon fiber pipe for longer bridles
• Flat circular design for maximum reliability
• 7 or 9 foot bridle for versatility
• All internal kill line to avoid canopy damage
• High quality black mesh
• Integrated soft link at Dbag attachment
• Hitches onto canopy, no link required
• Light weight handles to help avoid bridle entanglement


Additional information

Weight 173 g
Dimensions 8 × 10 × .25 in

Adrenaline Blue, Black, Custom Color, Green, Grey, Lemon, Magenta, Neon Orange, Pink, Red

Handle Color

Adrenaline Blue, Black, Charcoal, Digi Camo, Grey, Neon Green, Pink, Red


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