Wingsuit Bridle


9 ft. non-collapsible bridle for wingsuit skydiving.

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Simple 9 ft. bridle that will do the job every time.  See our custom 32″ pilot chutes below! Can also be used with any detachable pilot chute.  Recommended only for 7-cell canopies.  The larger non-collapsable pilot chutes can distort 9-cell canopies in flight.  The big benefit with this setup is that it will keep tension on the lines during deployment.  With a collapsible PC, the tension goes away once the canopy is out of the bag, and especially with bigger suits and smaller canopies, this can allow the canopy to get sucked back into the burble of the suit.

Additional information

Weight 65 g
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 1 in


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